Homebuyers very satisfied with SME developers

Homebuyers very satisfied with SME developers

As an SME house builder in the North West of England we were very pleased to read analysis from the Federation of Master Builders that suggest homebuyers prefer smaller builders.

The research reveals that consumers are twice as likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with a home built by a small – medium sized builder that with one from the 20 large housebuilders.

As a North-West property developer in the region, we have numerous advantages to the volume housebuilders.

We succeed or fail by the reputation we have locally.  Our staff not only work in the community but often live there too. Our children go the local school and we will eat and drink in our local pubs and restaurants.  It’s important to us that we deliver a quality product on time, every time as we want the local community to talk positively about Notion Developments.

We also employ skilled staff from the local area.  Volume housebuilders tend to employ trade gangs and they are very unlikely to know their names or anything about them.  We will know all our staff, even sub-contractors and we also ensure they have the same professionalism and passion for quality that we have.

We boast a genuine local knowledge.  We build relationships with local authorities, estate agents, surveyors and funders to ensure that we build homes that people want to live in.  We want to provide properties that suit the needs not just of the local demographic but that also complement the local area.  We want people to be proud of the homes that Notion has built in their local community.

Small also means that we can have a better relationship with our buyers which means we try to be more responsive to their requirements at the pre-build and build stage.  Even if we are marketing our homes through a third party like a local estate agency, we encourage dialogue at every step of the building and selling process.

The image of housebuilders can sometimes get a little tarnished and so it’s nice to have some good news about the SME section of the construction industry.