Don't leave presents on display

Avoiding Christmas Catastrophes at Home

‘Tis the season to be jolly - but that doesn’t stop things going wrong at home and so here are Notion Development’s top tips to ensure your home and your family enjoy a stress-free Christmas.


We all love to trim the tree and decorate our home at this time of year, but not surprisingly, Christmas decorations are often the cause of house fires.  Candles are the main culprit, and so invest in some battery operated candles that are just as effective as the real thing and are a much safer option.  Check the fairy lights for blown bulbs and either replace them or buy a new set of lights.  Always unplug the lights when leaving the house and going to bed.


Before you wrap those expensive pressies, write down model and serial numbers and always keep the receipt.  Don’t wrap them and leave them under the tree - and once opened, don’t advertise all your new goodies on Facebook!  Christmas burglaries are also common after Christmas and up to New Year’s Eve and so keep curtains drawn and a light on if you go out.  And leaving the cardboard box from your new 65” ultra HD LED TV in the drive is never a good idea, keep all your boxes inside and then take them to the tip as soon as you can.

Burst pipes

If the temperature drops it’s important to take steps to avoid the misery of burst pipes.  In order to avoid the problem, check your pipes regularly looking for leaking or dripping joints.  The danger time is after a very cold spell when frozen water is trapped in the pipe and the ice melts.  If you can, keep your thermostat on a low setting overnight so that the building temperature is above freezing. Water damage from bursts can be really bad and so it is vital that you know where your stop cock is.  If you don’t – make it a point to find it right away (usually under the kitchen sink).  If you have a burst, turn off the water at the stop cock and drain the water from the system by turning on your taps.  If there is any water near electrical equipment turn that off too, and then call out the experts.

Thankfully the majority of homeowners will have a safe and peaceful holiday time and we wish all of our homebuyers, suppliers, subcontractors, staff and friends a very Happy Christmas.